Real Poplin OG-107 utility shirt, used, no size tag.

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This is a used civilian procured utility shirt that may have been sold at PXs on US military bases. Usually, OG-107 shirts are made of cotton twill fabric and are heavyweight, but this one is made of poplin, which is lightweight and dries quickly. In tropical regions, the poplin fabric used by the 1st Model to 3rd Model jungle fatigues was more effective in swampy areas, so some soldiers procured this kind of poplin shirt and wore it. The one we present here has a tape mark on the chest and a rank insignia on the collar. There are no buttons on the sleeves, and the sleeves are left uncut. There is a small hole on the back of the right sleeve near the shoulder. It is assumed to have been worn by a Navy or Air Force soldier. Overall, it is in Used condition with fading and stains. Although this item is used, it is still in working condition. Poplin fabrics have characteristics that make them more prone to tearing than twill or ripstop fabrics, so please be careful of tearing due to snagging when wearing. There is no size tag. Because it is used goods, returns are not possible. Please understand.

Size (flat):

Shoulder width 46cm Body width 59cm Length 75cm Sleeve length 60cm

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