Real 1967 Poplin deadstock ERDL pants, XL size, 2 fabrics mixed, rare.

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These are 1967 dead stock ERDL pants made by Poplin. They are a very rare X-LARGE-REGULAR size. The entire surface, cargo pockets, and buttock pocket lids are made of a different lot of leaf fabric. This is a pattern that many people like because of its characteristic lot fabric with crisp printing. There are occasionally pieces with different lots of fabric, but unused dead stock pieces from that time are even rarer. How about this opportunity? The white stain on the back buttocks and near the crotch is hard to see in the photo because it is in the shadows. It is assumed that the stain was put on during storage. The stain on the crotch side is about 3 cm in size. We think the stain can be made less noticeable by cleaning. Unused goods, but will be treated as used goods. Please note that we do not accept returns.


Size (flat): Waist 57cm Hip 66cm Inseam 82cm

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