Real Okinawa CISO Test Sample Black Boonei Hat Ben Baker Takeaway

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This is an introduction of a test sample of black boonie hat developed by CISO (Counter-Insurgency Support Office) which existed in Okinawa from 1960's to mid-1970's. CISO was an organization established to provide support to MACV SOG and CIDG soldiers who were active in the shadow during the Vietnam War. CISO is an organization established for the purpose of providing support in irregular combat such as MACV SOG and CIDG soldiers who were active in the shadows during the Vietnam War. It is like the Q branch of the 007 movie series, developing uniforms, gear, knives, and other items needed by the local soldiers. This is a test sample brought back by Mr. Ben Baker, the deputy director of the CISO, after the end of the Vietnam War. A photo of Mr. Beker holding this boonie is included. The material is very hard, not soft like the Tiger Stripe boonie or GI boonie hats, but a hard nylon-like fabric. The cut is a typical CISO cut. It is presumed to have been sewn in Okinawa and is fitted with a woven size tag in red letters on a white background, which was also used on Tiger Stripe boonies of the same period. It is unused and in very good condition. This is a very rare gem. It is in unused condition, but will be treated as used. Please note that returns are not possible.

Size: S (about 57-58)

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