Real Okinawa Tiger Tiger Stripe Pants A-S Small Size Used

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We are pleased to present these relatively early Okinawa Tiger Pants. The pattern is the same as what collectors refer to as JWD or John Wayne; they are size A-S, which is the smallest size, but they are used with some signs of use. It is believed to have been worn by CIDG soldiers and others at the time. The color is a slightly darker green Okinawan Tiger pattern that existed from the relatively early days, rather than the bright green pattern that appeared in the mid-1990s. There is fading and the overall appearance is white. There are blue stains. There are missing buttons on the hip pockets and cargo pockets. There is also one missing button fly. The drawcord is still in place, so it is assumed that the hem has not been lowered. The condition is for those who like Used because of the use. Used goods. Please note that returns are not possible.

If you would like a spare button, please let us know in the message when you order. We will attach at no charge.

Size: A-S

Size (flat): Waist 37cm, Inseam 28cm, Inseam 67cm, Hip 45cm

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