Real Okinawa Tiger Tiger Stripe Pants Asian Cut Faded Size A-M

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From the collector, these Asian Cut pants have the same Okinawa Tiger pattern as the pattern also known as John Wayne or JWD. The overall impression is faded and white. The A M and tag remain inside the pants. There are repairs, fading, and damage throughout. Please check the photos to see where the damage is. It does not appear to have been hemmed, but there is no drawcord. There is no pocket on the left buttock. There are a few scratches near the crotch. There are also some other repairs, so these are in actual used condition. The condition is "Used" with a strong sense of use. The size tag is woven, so it will come undone and disappear after repeated washing, but it remains relatively clean, so it is assumed that it has not been subjected to strong washing. Although the sense of use is strong, because sewing etc. are firm, it is the condition that can still be enjoyed. Because it is a used item, returns are not possible. Please understand.

Size: A-M

Size (flat): waist 38cm, 28cm above the crotch, hip 50cm, inseam 72cm

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