Real Okinawa Tiger Tiger Stripe Shirt JWD Rare Cut Used Faded

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Introducing the Okinawa Tiger Pattern Shirt, one of the oldest Tiger Stripe patterns in existence. It is identical to the pattern also known as John Wayne, JWD, etc. by some collectors. The overall color of this piece is faded and has a lot of sun fading. This is an early print individual with the black stripes characterized by gradual fading from purple to white. This shirt has the same fading, with spotty fading depending on exposure to the sun. There are no major scratches or missing buttons. This is a rare cut with pleats on the breast pocket and hidden buttons to prevent the buttons from interfering with the straps, such as airborne. There are L-shaped repairs around the back collar and back hem. Four buttons are missing from the sleeves. The size is stamped S. It is a very nice shirt, although it is in a very used condition. If you are looking for one, don't miss it if you like. It is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size: S

Size (flat): Shoulder width 45cm Body width 48cm Length 66cm Sleeve length 56cm

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