Real Silver Tiger Stripe US Cut Size Stamp Not Identifiable Pants

This item is temporary out of stock

This is a used US-cut real item with silver tiger stripes. The size stamp has disappeared and is not discernible, but it is estimated that it is probably a US-S size in terms of sizing. The overall color is faded and looks more gray than white. The color is very beautiful though it is Used, in the condition just before it gradually becomes monotone. There are no missing buttons or major damage. The belt loop on the front right side is slightly detached. There are white stains on the front around both knees. There is a small tear on the inseam near the base of the zipper. They are still in good condition and can be enjoyed. They are used and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat): waist 42cm hip 54cm inseam 73cm

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