Real Silver Tiger Stripe US-L Short Sleeve US Cut Shirt Used

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This is an real US cut silver tiger stripe shirt. This piece has been converted to short sleeves. The bandage pocket is still present on the left arm. There is overall fading, with the green and brown colors fading except for the black, giving the shirt a slightly monotone look overall. No buttons or other items are missing, and there are no major repairs or stains. There are a few white stains scattered around the quo stripe on the lower right side facing you. There are marks where patches have been removed above the left and right breast pockets and on the left and right sides of the collar. The fabric is soft and comfortable, so you can still enjoy this shirt for everyday use. Because it is a used item, returns are not possible. Please understand.

Size: US-L

Size (flat): Shoulder width 58cm Body width 61cm Length 74cm Sleeve length 29cm

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