Real South Vietnam black pajamas, SF Veteran release, unknown place of production.

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Introducing Black Pajamas from South Vietnam. Black pajamas are a common local garment used by local Vietnamese farmers and others during the Vietnam War. Both South and North Vietnam wore the same type of garment, but the South Vietnamese side has one additional pocket on the chest and sturdy construction with broad shoulders. The North side has two pockets and raglan sleeves. This black pajama top and bottom was released from a former Special Forces soldier and was actually used in special operations at the time. Some Special Forces personnel used to wear these black pajamas as underwear under their jungle fatigues to camouflage themselves to look like locals. There are also Okinawan black pajamas manufactured by CISO in Okinawa, but the fabric is slightly different from the one shown here and the place of production is unknown. It is assumed that they were probably made in Okinawa. The shirt has different fading on the top and bottom, and the texture is different. The shirt has tears and holes. There are also some white stains. The black color of the pants has faded to the extent that they feel white with a sense of use. In photos from that time, there were soldiers wearing black pajama pants and tiger striped shirts, or vice versa. The pants are generally made large and can be tied with waist straps. This is a very interesting and rare item, so why not take advantage of this opportunity? Since this is a used item, it is non-returnable. Please understand.

Size (flat): Shoulder width 43cm Body width 53cm Length 63cm Sleeve length 53cm

Size (flat): Waist 51cm, inseam 30cm, hip 61cm, inseam 59cm

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