Real tiger stripe pants, silver tiger pattern, tanned, faded, used.

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We are pleased to present these very faded Silver Tiger Asian Cut pants. Overall, there is strong sun fading, and the color has faded to the point that the original color is not recognizable at all. In particular, the black stripes have turned a light purple color, and there are many areas that feel white. Tiger stripes are known to change color as they fade, and these pants are the ultimate in fading. The coloring is perfect for those who like the used condition, and in a sense, it can be said to be a very cool color. The cargo pockets and bandage pockets have been removed, as well as the butt pockets, and since these are Asian cut, the pockets at the hands have been omitted, so these pants only have belt loops. The size tag is still there, and although very hard to read, it reads A-M. The pants have a button fly, and there are no buttons missing. They have a button fly, and no buttons are missing. The only remnants of the original color can be seen on the underside of this pair. The pants themselves have been sized and appear to have been reformed to fit the soldier's measurements. There is a small hole in the inseam area that needs to be repaired. It is unknown how the pants were used, but there is a possibility that they were used for underwater infiltration or for special purposes, and there are a wide range of speculations. These pants are suitable for those who like faded and used condition. They are used and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size: A-M

Size (flat): Waist 38cm Hip 54cm Inseam 30cm Inseam 64cm

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