Real U.S. Marine Corps Advisor VNMC Pattern Tiger Stripe Set No Name Tape

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This is a Tiger Stripe set in the VNMC pattern worn by U.S. Marine Corps Advisors who were deployed to the South Vietnamese Marine Corps. It is identical to the Tiger Stripe pattern called Sea Wave by some collectors. Unfortunately, there is no name tape. The Marine Corps Advisor's Tiger Stripe is a Taylor item and not a South Vietnamese Government Isuue. The pants in this set do not have cargo pockets like the U.S. Army's OG-107 utility pants, but the pants in this set have cargo pockets sewn in from the beginning and the drawcord at the hem is made of the same fabric. The drawcords are made of the same fabric. The US MARINES tape is locally made in South Vietnam and was sewn on.

The jacket has some fading, but the characteristic greenish camouflage color is still there, and the areas that are exposed to the sun, such as the sides and collar, have faded strongly. The VNMC pattern fabric is very thin and easily torn, but this shirt has no major repairs or tears. Considering that it was actually used, it is in very good condition.

The pants have a repair and stain on the waist button hole that appears to be amateur. We believe that the owner of this shirt repaired it at that time, as it is a frequently used area. There are also tears around the waist belt and at the entrance to the pockets, which have been repaired. As mentioned above, there are cargo pockets sewn on, which is different from the norm. Unlike the camouflage uniforms generally issued to South Vietnamese soldiers, this is a tailor-made item, so the seams are not chain-stitched but normal, and there are some minor differences, but the finish is generally clean. The size is also large.

This is a very rare and popular VNMC advisor set-up for American advisors, so please take this opportunity to enjoy it. This is a very nice set. This is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat):

Shirt size

Shoulder width 47cm, body width 56cm, length 73cm, sleeve length 56cm

Pants size

Waist 45cm Hip 58cm Inseam 29cm Inseam 76cm

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