Real Vietnam War Tour Jacket CAM RAHN BAY 1966-67 with damaged zipper

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This tour jacket is made of nylon fabric and was tailored by a soldier who was there from 1966-1967. It can be said to be a custom-made item, as there is no penetration to the lining and a custom lining was installed. Generally, this jacket is made of black cotton fabric with embroidered dragons on the sleeves and tigers on the chest, but this jacket is different, featuring a smooth nylon texture. The embroidery on the back is hand-embroidered with different designs from Vietnam and neighboring countries. The inner lining is very aggressive with the words FUCK YOU CHARLIE, but it is a very nice tour jacket that shows the emotions of the time. CHARLIE is a proper noun that originally referred to Japanese soldiers in WWII and meant enemy soldiers, but in the Vietnam War, the North Vietnamese guerrillas "Viet Cong" were called "Victor Charlie" as a code name, which was shortened to "CHARLIE". It is a very nice gem that is full of the charm of such slang. Unfortunately, the zipper is damaged and the front cannot be closed. Otherwise, it is in beautiful condition. It is a used item and cannot be returned. Please understand.

Size (flat): shoulder width 50cm body width 55cm Length 63.5cm Sleeve length 62cm

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