MILITARIA 1911 Reproduced Early Gold Tiger Stripe Shirts US-Cut [Scheduled for delivery in early July 2024]

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2024 MILITARIA 1911 Reproduced Tiger Stripe, 1st

Scheduled to be delivered sequentially from early July 2024.

<Product Description>

Among the multiple types of Gold Tigers, the Early Type Gold Tiger, which has been confirmed to exist from a relatively early period, has been picked up for this issue. As in the past, we have used a specially ordered fabric that has been analyzed more precisely than the real thing and reproduced from the thread thickness. The fabric is dyed in a way that allows the color to gradually fade and change over time, just like the real thing. This is the first precise reproduce of the MILITARIA 1911 2024.

The jacket has two pockets on the chest and a bandage pocket sewn on the left arm. All measurements were taken precisely from the original US cut shirt. Following the original cutting method, the pattern used on the front and the pattern used on the back are reproduced as closely as possible. The texture of the fabric and the condition of the sewing are also reproduced as much as possible from the real thing, making this the ultimate reissue.

Our fabric fades like the original, gradually turning yellow and eventually white. You won't feel it right away, but it will age with repeated wear, washing and sun exposure. The fabric will change over time, but this is not a product defect. We do inspect our products, but in the unlikely event of a defect, we will exchange the item for an equivalent item or refund the purchase price.

Please see the third photo for a size chart. We will accept size changes, but if your preferred size is sold out, we will respond with a refund. (Defective products, such as the wrong product can be returned at our shipping costs).


*We plan to release the boonie hat later this time.

*All fabrics and sewing workmanship are equivalent. Please note that there will be individual differences such as the position of the camouflage pattern. You can not choose.

*The product photo is a sample.

*Our cotton fabrics shrink. The width is -0.8%, and the length is -2.7%. The length of the garment will shrink, but it will not shrink in a way that makes it difficult to wear. If you are concerned about it, please stretch it gently when it is wet to reduce the shrinkage. Please consider this when choosing your size.

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