[SCHEDULED TO SHIP MID-Nov] MADE IN JAPAN Silver Tiger Stripe Trousers Standard Edition

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*This is the page for Standard Edition Trousers.

*The delivery is scheduled for early to mid-November 2023.

The major difference from the Gold Tiger is in the fabric pattern. It is the Tiger Stripe Pattern, also known as Dud Pole or TDS by collectors due to the presence of a characteristic ladle-like pattern.

The trousers manufactured this time are not Asian cut with small size, no pocket at hand and button fly, but US cut with pocket at hand and zipper fly. Of course, we obtained the original US cut Silver Tiger Stripe top and bottom for the reissue and took all measurements. It is known that the original Silver Tiger shirt size and US cut pants size do not correspond to each other, and the pants are comparatively larger than the shirt.

The Standard Edition is a mass-produced product sewn at the same factory on the Japanese mainland as our Gold Tiger. Everything, including the fabric, is of MADE IN JAPAN quality. There are no major differences in comfort or size compared to the Limited Edition, but the button holes and the seam between the back and front fabrics are finished with more modern techniques to allow for mass production. The buttons are the same as those used on our Gold Tiger. The zipper used for the zipper fly is a modern product of YKK for both the limited edition and regular edition. YKK is also used in the actual product. The slightly loose fit of these trousers has been revived to the present day with the scale of the real thing cut for long-distance walking and use in the jungle. The measurements were taken from the original US cut trousers, and everything down to the size and depth of the pockets is a precise reproduction of the originals. These pants are the standard US cut trousers with zippers. The inseam is slightly longer so that they can be worn rolled up.

As the name suggests, this time the fabric is finished in such a way that it gradually fades to a monotone color through washing and sunlight after wear. It may discolor yellow when first worn. Please note that it will not turn white immediately from the beginning. The entire fabric will gradually fade to white and become silver by washing and sunlight. Compared to Gold Tiger, the fabric is heavier and thicker. The number of warp and woof yarns is denser than that of Gold Tiger, so the shrinkage after washing is also less. The shrinkage rate after washing is -2% lengthwise and -0.8% widthwise. If you feel any shrinkage, you can adjust it by stretching it gently when it is wet, as in the previous work.

It is not our intention at all for our products that have been aged and worn to be distributed as actual products decades later. Therefore, we have made some differences such as black stitching and selvedge fabric treatment as well as differences from the real thing this time. Please take a look at the product photos for details.

This time we have prepared five sizes from US-S to US-XXL. Size charts are provided as images between the product photos. We have also prepared the following images to help you with your own size measurements, so please be sure to check them before ordering. Size changes can be made by exchange if the item is in stock, or by refund if the item is out of stock. Please note that the cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the customer. We inspect our products, but in the unlikely event that a product is defective, we will exchange it for an equivalent product or provide a refund after we have confirmed the defect. If you have any requests, please contact us by all means.


*Because the finish of the sewing is different from the normal version and the limited edition, the fit is different. The size also differs in detail even if the measurements are the same. Please see the product description of the limited edition for details.

*Please note that there will be individual differences such as the position of the camouflage pattern.

Our cotton fabric will shrink. The horizontal shrinkage is -0.8% and the vertical shrinkage is -2%. Shrinkage will be reduced by stretching it gently when it is wet.

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