In late May 2022, MILITARIA 1911 will release a replica of the gold tiger stripes used by NAVY SEAL and other special forces during the Vietnam War. This will be the first MILITARIA 1911 in-house product. The camouflage pattern was sampled from the original gold tiger stripes, and the thickness and material of the warp and weft threads, as well as the degree of dye penetration, were all researched and produced as close as possible to the potential of the original fabric. The fabric is dyed to fade with sunlight, washing, and use as much as possible using modern technology. Please enjoy the process of yellowing gradually over the years with daily use.

We do not have a permanent collection of Original & replica WWII German military and Yahoo! Auction items If you would like to see the items, please contact us in advance using the reservation form. Because the storage base is different, we can not be prepared immediately. Please understand that we may not be able to meet your request if you make a request on the day of your visit. Also, please understand that we may not be able to show you all of the items if there are too many.

2022年5月下旬にMILITARIA 1911からベトナム戦争中に、NAVY SEALなどの特殊部隊で使用されたゴールドタイガーストライプのレプリカをリリースします。MILITARIA 1911第一弾の自社製品になります。実物のゴールドタイガーストライプから迷彩パターンをサンプリングし、生地も縦糸、横糸の太さや材質、染色の浸透具合なども全て実物の持つポテンシャルを研究し可能な限り近づけ制作しました。生地の染色も現代の技術で再現可能な限り、日の光や洗濯、そして使用することで退色するように仕上げました。

Products Lineup

US CUT SHIRTS Price: $190
US CUT TROUSERS  Price: $190
BOONIE HAT  Price: $78

USカットシャツ 価格:¥23,500(税込)
USカットパンツ 価格:¥23,500(税込)
ブーニーハット 価格:¥9,800(税込)


Tiger stripes were mostly manufactured in Japan from the mid-1960s to the early 1970s. At that time, Japan and Okinawa was a good strategic location for the U.S. military, and Okinawa was still in USA before it was returned to Japan. Above all, Japan had the ability to manufacture clothes domestically and the quality was good, so many tiger stripes were dyed in mainland of Japan and sewn in main land and Okinawa. Of course, it can find a wide range of manufacturing countries, such as Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, etc. The fact that the original was manufactured in Japan was one of the points we took into consideration when reproducing it, and we were also concerned with manufacturing it in a way that was as close as possible to the way it was at the time, with "made in Japan" quality that has continued to evolve since that time. Please wear and feel the history through the Tiger Stripes made in Japan, including the history of the struggles of the CISO (Counterinsurgency Support Office) people who made the Tiger Stripes at that time, and the historical background of the production by Japanese people in mainland Japan and Okinawa.
実物が日本で製造されたという歴史も再現の一つとして取り入れ、さらには当時から進化し続けている「MADE IN JAPAN」品質で当時に可能な限り近い方法で製造することに当店は拘りました。当時タイガーストライプを製作した、CISO(Counterinsurgency Support Office)の人々が奮闘した歴史や日本本土と沖縄の日本人が製作した歴史的背景も含めて日本製のタイガーストライプを通して是非着用して歴史を感じてください。

Camouflage patternaccurately sampled fromthe original


The original gold tiger stripes are difficult to obtain because there are not as many of them in existence as the silver tiger stripes, but among them, we obtained precious unused, used, and faded items that we could see the changes in color over time, and we accurately sampled the size of the camouflage pattern and the way the print shifted.


Fabric as close to theoriginal as possible


The actual tiger stripes have a unique weave. Please look at photo.

This weaving method is also evidence that the fabric was produced on a mainstream loom in the 1960s. The most important points of the fabric are the texture of the fabric and the degree of dye penetration, depending on the thickness of the cotton weft and warp threads. Since we were unable to reproduce it with ready-made fabrics, we felt the need to explore the potential of the original and analyze a part of the fabric, which we did. From the thickness of the thread to the weave, we custom-made the fabric from scratch using the same loom as in those days. Therefore, it is light and soft and has the same texture as the original gold tiger stripe fabric. It is very important that the fabric is born for only our replicas.



Unfortunately, the loom used to produce this unique weave has only been in operation for a longer width than the original in recent years, so only one side of the fabric with this crease will be used for the back of the buttonhole in the product to be released. Please note that there is no fold on one side. In order to prevent the product from being distributed as a fake, we will prepare it with a difference from the real thing.


Dyeing and Fading


In the 1960s, when the tiger stripes were manufactured, dyeing technology was high, but the dyes, pigments, and dyeing equipment used were still in their infancy compared to today, so there were many cases of unintentional color fading. That's why they are called "gold" and "silver" among tiger stripe collectors. Today, about 50 years have passed since the 1960s, and it is nearly impossible to reproduce the dyeing of those days because of the advances in technology.
However, we believe that tiger stripes are only as good as the color they fade, so we have tried to reproduce them to the best of our ability so that you can enjoy the changes over time while using modern technology. Our tiger stripes will fade, but they are not manufactured so that you can feel it in a few days or months. It is dyed in such a way that it gradually ages and turns yellow by washing and prolonged exposure to the sun. I would like to inform you that you cannot feel the fading immediately because the original tiger stripe is also a potential that will gradually fade by being used many times in this extremely harsh environment called "war".

Size stamp and Zipper


We manufactured our products with a particular focus on the fabric in order to get as close as possible to the original. Originally, we should have released it with the famous US size stamp and HAMA zipper, but we decided not to reproduce the stamp and zipper this time in order to prevent it from being distributed as a fake of the original. This is a very regrettable decision, but we hope you will understand. Out of respect for the originals, we have decided not to make all of them the same.


To distinguish them from the original, we put our store name stamp in an inconspicuous place on the shirt and pants. Also, in an inconspicuous area, stitches with black thread are used, which is impossible in the original.



In our store, we call this boonie hat MADE IN OKINAWA.
During the Vietnam War, boonie hats were manufactured using various patterns of tiger stripe fabric. We now have a boonie hat with a common CISO cut. Some of them were sewn in Okinawa, which was in the U.S. at the time, and the fabric was imported from mainland Japan. We have decided to import the fabric to Okinawa to sew our replicas as they did in the 1960s. Of course, we also analyzed many original boonie hats and made them as close as possible to the real thing, including their features and size tags.
当店では、このブーニーハットをMADE IN OKINAWAと呼んでいます。

This size tag in particular is famous for being attached to Okinawa-made lots in some time period. This is a size tag made by Woven that is generally distributed in Japan from that time to the present. We decided to put it on in respect of the original Okinawa-made boonie hats.



One of the features of the CISO cut is that some boonie hats have a wire for shape memory at the end of the brim. In the original, a hard resin with a wire in it was used, but since it does not exist today, a resin shape memory wire is used. We hope you enjoy the unique way of wearing it, as you often see in photos of that time.



About individual differences in products


All the shirts, pants, and boonie hats that we release have individual differences. There is a slight difference in the color of the fabric used when the dyeing process begins and ends, just like the original. In addition, it is very difficult for camouflage patterns to always be in the same place at the same time, so the product you receive will not be the same as the sample photo. Please be aware of this. The color fading will also vary slightly from product to product. If the product is initially defective, we will replace it with an equivalent product, or refund you if it is out of stock. Also, since it is made of 100% cotton, it will shrink to some extent. In normal household laundry, it will not shrink in a way that makes it difficult to wear. However, if you wash it in hot water, it may shrink more than expected by us, so we do not recommend washing it in any other way than the normal way. If you decide to try washing your gold tiger stripe using methods other than those recommended by us, do so at your own risk.

当店からリリースする、シャツ、パンツ、ブーニーハットはどれも個体差がございます。用いている生地も実物とおなじように染色を開始した時と終えた時とでは色味に若干の差がございます。また迷彩パターンも必ず同じ箇所が同じ場所に来る事は非常に困難なため、お手元に届く商品が見本の写真と同じ仕上がりにはなりません。了承くださいませ。退色具合も固体によって、若干の差が出て参ります。商品の初期不良は同等品との交換、在庫切れの場合は返金にて対応いたします。 また、コットン100%生地を使用しているため多少なりとも縮みます。通常の家庭用の洗濯においては着用が困難になるような縮み方は致しません。しかしながら、高温の熱湯などで洗濯を行った場合当店の想定よりも縮むことがありますので当店では通常の使い方以外の洗濯方法は推奨しておりません。想定以外の方法を行う場合は、自己責任となります。

Products Lineup

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2023 2nd run MILITARIA 1911 Repro Gold Tiger Stripe US Cut Jacket MADE IN JAPAN
2023 2nd run MILITARIA 1911 Repro Gold Tiger Stripe US Cut Jacket MADE IN JAPAN
2023 2nd run MILITARIA 1911 Repro Gold Tiger Stripe US Cut Jacket MADE IN JAPAN
2023 2nd run MILITARIA 1911 Repro Gold Tiger Stripe US Cut Trousers MADE IN JAPAN
2023 2nd run MILITARIA 1911 Repro Gold Tiger Stripe US Cut Trousers MADE IN JAPAN
2023 2nd run MILITARIA 1911 Repro Gold Tiger Stripe US Cut Trousers MADE IN JAPAN

WANTED! We need information!

Through this replica production, we are investigating the history of the production and birth of the Tiger Stripe in Japan and Okinawa. We plan to publish a book on the subject after further research. If you have any information on the company that manufactured the item, the U.S. military, the order slip, or the contract tag etc etc, please let us know. There are many mysteries surrounding the tiger stripes, but we want to do what we can to pass on as much information as possible to future generations, in order to help the military and vintage industry grow. If you can help us with information, please contact us at the email address below.

当店では、今回のレプリカ製造を通じてタイガーストライプの日本や沖縄における製造や誕生の歴史について調べています。今後調査を重ねた上で書籍化を予定しています。もしお手元に、製造していた会社や米軍側の資料、発注の伝票、もしくはコントラクトタグなどなど情報がございましたら是非当店までお知らせくださいませ。非常に謎の多いタイガーストライプですが、可能な限りその正確な背景を後世に伝えるべく当店にできることをミリタリー、ビンテージ業界発展のためにも行いたいと思っております。 もし情報提供のご協力をいただける方がいらっしゃいましたら、下記メールアドレスまでご連絡くださいませ。